KIT International Workshop on

Energy, Environment and Multiphase Flows

February 24 - 26, 2020

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Clean and sustainable energy is of pinnacle importance for all applications in propulsion, power, energy, and mobility. With the growing interest in hypersonics internationally we propose to have a special session devoted to fundamental and applied issues in hypersonic flight development. The planned workshop will bring together renowned experts from around the globe to share the latest fundamental and applied research innovations for cleaner energy utilization in a wide range of devices extending from hypersonic propulsion to micro scale energy conversion using fossil and biofuels. The specific applications will include several specific research areas to include: multiphase flows, hypersonic propulsion, combustion of fossil and renewable fuels, clean energy conversion for various stationary and propulsion applications (such as gas turbines and rocket engines), high intensity combustion, modelling and advanced laser diagnostics. Latest advances in the areas of biofuels production and their combustion/emission characteristics, value added products from various feedstock materials will be of special interest. Thermal management, emission control and environmental issues from various energy conversion devices will also be explored. A round-table discussion will also be held with the aim to identify key areas of common interest that will help develop strategy to promote collaborative research on those focused areas. The international collaborations will help identify key novel technologies that show promise for viable options for improved performance, efficient and sustainable energy conversion in defined power and propulsion applications.

The focused workshop will bring together experts in selected fields spanning from multiphase flows, fuels, biofuels, their cleaner utilization in current and future platforms of power, mobility and propulsion, including hypersonicpropulsion. It will bring the awareness to young scientists so that they know the topics of significant importance to work on in their professional careers. The workshop will also bring networking opportunities in the areas of common interest to all the participants. The workshop will provide a common framework for international cooperation amongst faculty and student exchanges.

The planned workshop will have several tailored technical tracks with presentations form world renowned technical experts in the field of multiphase flows, fossil and biofuels, combustion, power and propulsion and air toxins with special focus on current and future R&D needs, challenges and opportunities. Since hydrocarbons fuel use is expected to be major source of energy in all sectors of power, transportation and propulsion for the near future, focused research and development efforts are needed to develop and deploy advanced energy conversion technologies with minimum environmental footprint to foster energy sustainability. The energy and environment sustainability would require a multi- pronged approach involving development and utilization of new and renewable fuels, design of fuel-flexible combustion systems that can be easily operated with the new fuels, and develop novel and environmentally friendly technologies for improved utilization of fuels with greater thermal management.

The workshop will result in several international collaborations in the near term as the topic of energy and environment is of pinnacle importance to all researchers at the workshop as well as to the international technical community. In addition, it will provide educational benefits to students, researchers and faculty in India on the recent advances in specific topical areas as well as learning pedagogy. A short course on multiphase flows, atomization and sprays will be offered in conjunction with this workshop that will be of great interest to all the attendees including the students and research scholars. The topics of the short course as well as the instructors will be published in the workshop program for larger draw of students, research scholars and faculty from India and abroad to attend the short courses offered. The contributions made at the workshop will be published by a major international book publisher in the form of a book.

Tentative Topics

  • Multiphase flows and applications
  • Hypersonic and supersonic propulsion
  • High speed combustion for propulsion
  • Computational approaches and advances
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Biofuels, renewable fuels
  • Fuel reforming and value added products
  • Fuel flexible propulsion and power generation
  • Novel energy conversion technologies/New engine combustion concepts
  • Thermal management
  • Energy, environment and emissions control
  • Combustion modeling and simulation
  • Solid fuel combustion, pyrolysis and gasification
  • Gas Turbines in ship and air propulsion
  • Hybrid power concepts for engines
  • Hydrogen and Ammonia as fuel for engines
  • Renewable energy including solar, wind and biomass


A major outcome from this workshop will be initiation of international research collaborations and student/faculty exchanges between key institutions from India and abroad. It is expected that the workshop will provide a fruitful venue that will assist catalyze potential joint research activities in common areas of interest with selected institutions based on the strengths provided and future opportunities. It will provide good opportunities in building new research and educational collaborations with the selected institutions. We also plan to publish a research monograph with contributed chapters from various experts contributing at the workshop. We are planning to conduct a special session on multiphase flows in combustion, renewable and biofuels for power andpropulsion. This exercise would be supported through some experimental lab visits to enrich the attendees with practical experiences on spray characterization, combustion diagnostics, flame stability, emission measurements and combustion instability. The planned experimental demonstration along with short lectures on the diagnostics tools used in combustion research will be help the participants on the insights of advanced diagnostics. We also plan to publish the contributions made at this workshop in the form of a book that will be published by a major international publisher.


Dr. Ashoke De
(Associate Professor, Aerospace Department)
Dr. Abhijit Kushari
(Professor, Aerospace Department)


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24th February 2020 Registration and Welcome Reception
Inaugural Session, followed
by plenary lecture
Technical Session I
Technical Session II
Technical Session III
Invited Inaugural lecture
Spray combustion
High speed propulsion
Modeling and Advanced diagnostics
Emissions and Air toxins
Combustion Instability
25th February 2020 Technical Session IV
Technical Session V
Technical Session VI
Technical Session VII
Fuel flexible propulsion and power generation
Bio & renewable fuels, and
Environmental issues
Spray combustion and diagnostics
26th February 2020 Technical Session VIII
Technical Session IX
Technical Session X
Panel discussion
Advanced Combustion Technologies Computational combustion,
Solar/wind energy
Future research activities in energy, power and propulsion

selected participants

Sr. No. Name Institute Name Sr. No. Name Institute Name
Dr Prashant Singh Chauhan Gaya College of Engineering Sri Krishna Nagar, Via-Buniyadganj, Khizarsarai, Gaya, BIHAR Dr. P. Nagaraaj Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
Kumar Abhishek Ranjan Chaibasa Engineering College, Chaibasa Nishant Kiran Muzaffarpur Institute of Tech, Muzaffarpur
Sandeep Rahul Muzaffarpur Institute of Tech, Muzaffarpur Sanket Kumar Chaibasa Engineering College, Chaibasa
Shashank Kumar Dumka Engineering College, Dumka Zeeshan Ahmad Chaibasa Engineering College, Chaibasa
Marwan Ahmad Abdhullah Sufyan ZHCET-AMU, Aligarh Rishish Mishra Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh
Alok Kumar Chaudhary University College of Engineering and Technology (UCET) Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribag Jharkhand Safiqul Islam University College of Engineering and Technology (UCET) Vinoba Bhave University Hazaribag Jharkhand
Abhishek Kumar Gupta Harcourt Butler Technological University (HBTU) Kanpur-208002 Uttar Pradesh Chandrapal Singh Inda M. B. M. Engineering College Jai Narain Vyas University Jodhpur, RAJASTHAN
Ayushman Bajpai Institute of Engineering & Technology, Dr. RML Awadh University Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh Ankit Dekhatawala SVNIT, Surat
Mayank Shah SVNIT, Surat Shalini Kumari Harcourt Butler Technological University (HBTU)
Medalson Ronghang Bineswar Brahma Engineering College Bijnlibari Rupesh Shah SVNIT, Surat
Pooja Punetha Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh Dr. Vivek Kumar Patel MNIT, Allahabad