KIT Workshop on

Introduction to Non-Linear Finite Element Method

January 15 - 19, 2020


Non-linear Finite Element Method has become a very important numerical analysis tool in the field of solid mechanics. With the increasing complexity of problems being handled using FEM in both academics and industry, a basic knowledge of the subject is thus extremely crucial for future scientists and engineers. Hence, this workshop would be very relevant to TEQIP institutions.

The course would cover the basics of linear and non-linear FEM. A major portion of the theory would be explained using one-dimensional examples. Subsequently, multi-dimensional models and development of important segments of non-linear FEM code would be discussed. Few non-linear FEM simulations would be demonstrated as well. Handouts would also be provided to introduce the audience to some more advanced but relevant topics.

Any engineering department dealing with solid mechanics and non-linearity such as Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil, Material Science, Geo-science,etc.


Prof. C. S. Upadhyay
(Professor, Aerospace Department)
Dr. Pritam Chakraborty
(Assistant Professor, Aerospace Department)


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Last date to apply: December 31, 2019

Tentative Schedule

Day-1 January 15 2020
• Introduction, objective and outline of the course (1 hour)
• Overview on linear FEM (7hours)
Day-2 January 16 2020
• Introduction to non-linear FEM (8 hours)
Day-3 January 17 2020
• Non-linear elasticity problem in one-dimensions (3 hours)
• Plasticity problem in one-dimensions (5 hours)
Day-4 January 18 2020
• Continuation - plasticity problem in one-dimensions (3 hours)
• Special Case: Integration of von Mises elasto-plastic model in multi-dimensions (5 hours)
Day-5 January 19 2020
• Working with ABAQUS (7.5 hours)
• Plate with a hole – linear elastic (1.5 hours)
• Plate with a hole – small strain von Mises plasticity (1 hour)
• Introduction to development of user material (UMAT) subroutine (3 hours)
• Special considerations in UMAT for non-linear models with internal state (2 hours)
• Closing Remarks (0.5 hours)


Sr. No. Name
1. C. S. Upadhyay, IIT Kanpur
2. Pritam Chakraborty, IIT Kanpur