KIT Short Term Course on

Hands-on in Laminated Fibre Composites

April 11 - 15, 2020


Fibre composites of various forms are used in aerospace, automobile, marine, civil engineering and medical applications. Among them, fibre composites in laminate forms are widely used. These materials are used in critical structural members due to their excellent, tailorable properties. However, for the given constituent materials the properties of the resulting composite are highly process dependent.

The objective of this course is to introduce the participants the fundamentals of various manufacturing processes for fibre laminated composites. The participants will first be briefly lectured on the processes and related topics followed by actual laboratory sessions where they will also participate in making and testing of laminated composites activities.

This course is aimed for the students and faculty who are working or wish to work in the area of development, characterization and making of fibre composite laminated structures. A lot of composites are used in India. However, when it comes to the research at the academic institutions, there are several difficulties like availability of constituent materials, fibre mats, prepregs and several chemical agents, choice of appropriate process and process parameters, tooling, machining and testing for various characteristics like physical, mechanical, etc. Therefore, most of the studies carried out with readily available materials and processes like wet lay-up, oven curing, etc.

In this course the participants will be first lectured on manufacturing processes, their applicability; testing procedures and practices, and other related topics. The participants will be introduced to the manufacturing and experimental facilities and studies carried out this institute, particularly in Aerospace Engineering department. The processing by oven curing, hot press, autoclave curing, hand wet lay- up, prepreg making process through inhouse prepreg making machine, 3D printing, etc. will explored by the participants. Furthermore, they will try hands on various physical and mechanical testing. The course will also have some invited talks by the experts who have worked on various aspects of composite manufacturing, which will widen the knowledge of composites and their versatility in the present age.


The following are the learning outcomes:

a) Exposure to manufacturing and experimental techniques/facilities
b) Exposure to other current research activities in the area of composite materials and structures


Dr. P M Mohite
(Professor, Aerospace Department)

Who can Attend

The faculty and PG students (Masters and PhDs) who are working in the area of composites with emphasis on material development and characterization will be preferred. The participants can be from Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil and Material Science disciplines. The participants may be shortlisted based on their background. The number of seats will be limited.

The names of faculty student and staff members should be recommended by the TEQIP coordinator/Director/HOD of the institute/department. There is no registration fees for participants from TEQIP institutes.


To register for this program,please submit your application Here

There are limited seats . Selection will be made on first-come-first serve basis. If selected, you will be sent a confirmation email. Your expression of interest in participation is confirmation of your participation, unless communicated otherwise.

Letter of recommendation from the TEQIP coordinator of your institute (Format Here)

Accommodation :

To be updated soon


11th April 2020 1) Fundamental of fibre composite and their manufacturing processes
2) Physical and mechanical characterization of laminated composites
3) Laboratory session for prepreg making through inhouse technique
12th April 2020 1) Fundamentals of composite characterization/testing, experiences of composite development
2) A talk on industrial practices
3) Demonstration/Hands on - autoclave processing
13th April 2020 1) A talk on structural health monitoring
2) A talk on structural integrity
3) Experiences of working with composites
4) Demonstration/Hands on of testing of composites
14th April 2020 1) A talk on advanced manufacturing techniques/facilities
2) Fundamentals of composite machining
3) Session on 3D printing
15th April 2020 1) Materials and manufacturing processes in Aerospace Engineering
2) A talk on experiences with composite testing
3) Discussion or demonstration/hands on for composite machining


Sr. No. Name
1. Dr. P. M. Mohite, IIT Kanpur
2. Dr. Rajesh Kiety, IIT Kanpur
3. Dr. C. S. Upadhyay, IIT Kanpur
4. Dr. G M Kamath, IIT Kanpur
5. Dr. P D Mangalgiri, IIT Kanpur
6. Dr. Abhishek, IIT Kanpur
7. Dr. P Venkitanarayanan, IIT Kanpur
8. Dr. J R Kumar, IIT Kanpur