TEQIP Course on Robotics
24 September - 5 October 2018


Anjali Vishwas Kulkarni
Principal Research Engineer,
Center for Mechatronics, IIT Kanpur
Email: anjalik@iitk.ac.in
Webpage: http://home.iitk.ac.in/~anjalik/

Prof. Ashish Dutta
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering IIT Kanpur
Email: adutta@iitk.ac.in
Webpage: http://home.iitk.ac.in/~adutta/

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor’s degree (Masters Preferred) in Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics/Computer Science/Mechatronics/Instrumentation with some exposure to robotics or automation.


The course will comprise of the essential theoretical aspects of robotics from the basics to advanced applications. Each module will be integrated with hands on experiments and applications. There would also be invited speakers from industries and research laboratories to expose the participants to real world robotics applications and research. The course would be designed for teachers, researchers and industry personnel who would like to upgrade their skills in the areas of robotics and automation. Final assessment will be in terms of Quiz, written exams and practical project.

Tentative list of topics to be covered

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Fundamentals issues in Robot Kinematics,
  • Dynamics,
  • Mobile Robots,
  • Motion Planning,
  • Control Techniques,
  • Sensors and Actuators,
  • Computer Vision,,
  • Multi Robot Co-ordination and formation control,
  • Industrial Applications,
  • Laboratory Sessions and Quiz, and
  • Project

Registration Process

To register for this event, please send the following information at the earliest, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Institute
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Tentative arrival and departure dates
Please send in these details to teqip.iitk@gmail.com along with a note to your local TEQIP coordinator. TEQIP cell at IIT Kanpur will arrange for and cover the expenses of accommodation and food during the workshop for all participating delegates. Double occupancy rooms will be provided to all participants. TEQIP cell at home institute of each delegate is expected to cover their travel and other expenses. Delegates are requested to make their own travel arrangements to reach the workshop venue

Tentative Schedule

DAY/TIME 09:00-10:00
12:00-13:30 14:30-17:30
24 Sept 18
Plenary Talk I Introduction to Robotics Spatial Transformations DH Representations and Kinematics
25 Sept 18
Jacobian, Singularity, and Workspace Robot Dynamics I Robot Dynamics II LAB SESSION 1
26 Sept 18
Motion Planning I Motion Planning II Actuators and Sensors + VAL – II LAB SESSION 2
27 Sept 18
AI in Robotics Trajectory Planning Basic Robot Design LAB SESSION 3
28 Sept 18
Embedded Systems (ES) ES in Robotics ES in Robotics ES LAB SESSION 4
29 Sept 18
30 Sept 18
1 Oct 18
Plenary Talk III Underwater Robotics Intelligent Control Techniques Project Identification
2 Oct 18
3 Oct 18
Control Techniques Control techniques Smart Mechanisms and Materials LAB SESSION 6 Pipe cleaning Robot Demo
4 Oct 18
Vision I (KSV 9-10:30 am) MATLAB based Robotics Applications DEMO LAB SESSION 7 Vision Lab (Laptops needed)
5 Oct 18
Autonomous Navigation of Ground BOT LAB SESSION 8 ROS, LiDAR, Kalman Filter, Control, etc. VALEDICTORY FUNCTION

Registered Participants

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